Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Whew!!! Crazy weather here in the Midwest lately! Last week:sleet and now SNOW! Oh, well another snow day. We went out to build an actual snowman NOT a sleetman. LOL! The boys had a great time and it wasn't too cold either. The snow is melting rather fast so I don't know exactly how long "Bob" (the snowman) will stick around.
Well, I have to tell you all that I absolutley love my kitchen counter tops. My sister is already biting at the bit to come and take a gander in person. I'm hoping to convice her to try it out...or maybe I should do them for her :)
Next project is going to be bead board on the ceiling and my new light fixtures up....gotta get my husband in gear or learn to run a power saw....hmmmm....might be a good idea! Then I'm going to paint the kitchen and move on to the next room. I LOVE doing this kind of thing. Anyway, I'll keep ya posted!