Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Whew!!! Crazy weather here in the Midwest lately! Last week:sleet and now SNOW! Oh, well another snow day. We went out to build an actual snowman NOT a sleetman. LOL! The boys had a great time and it wasn't too cold either. The snow is melting rather fast so I don't know exactly how long "Bob" (the snowman) will stick around.
Well, I have to tell you all that I absolutley love my kitchen counter tops. My sister is already biting at the bit to come and take a gander in person. I'm hoping to convice her to try it out...or maybe I should do them for her :)
Next project is going to be bead board on the ceiling and my new light fixtures up....gotta get my husband in gear or learn to run a power saw....hmmmm....might be a good idea! Then I'm going to paint the kitchen and move on to the next room. I LOVE doing this kind of thing. Anyway, I'll keep ya posted!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

In the middle of a project...where I love to be! I ordered Giani paint for the top of my cabinets.
This is the before....as you can see old fashioned butcher block style 
. I have the primer on already.. stay tuned for more updates. I'm keeping my fingers crossed...I hope my husband likes it!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Wow! Have I been busy or what??? I can't believe it's already February! The weather here has been absolutely CCCCRRRAAAZZZYYY! It was in the 70's just a couple of days ago and now it's barely reaching the 30's :(  So many people have been sick with various crud --it's enough to make one stay in and hibernate!  HEY...that being said it's not such a bad idea...picture this: a warm fire, a good book, a soft blanket...yeah, definitely leaning towards hibernation!
Well, I am sooo excited because today I orderd some countertop paint from Giani Granite. I've been wanting to try this out as it looks fantastic in the pics. I will have to do some before and after pics! Slowly, remodeling the kitchen...just need to get my husband onboard to do his part! and yet, I'm totally up for learning how to use a power saw...just saying!